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Mucho gusto!

I was born and raised in Mexico, surrounded by countless forms of art and culture which helped me develop an appreciation for experiences that awaken all the senses. This influence has improved by ability to enjoy, find and create beautiful pieces of work in both the visual and digital world.

I am a Communications Specialist and Graphic Designer passionate about people. Throw me into a room with strangers and I have the uncanny ability to connect quickly in a warm and positive way. My passion for people and for life shows up in my design work. I use my knowledge of what people want and need to create designs that connect to the viewer on a deeper level.

My experience living in four different countries has allowed me to taste, smell and see what different cultures have to offer. I believe these experiences have expanded my desire and ability to add creativity and uniqueness to my work.

I am thrilled to know you are here, thank you!

Now, wondering, want to see my work?

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