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Let's geLt to the fun part!

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Portfolio: About

Series of illustrations for merch. Digital art that represents many skin and hair colours we see all around,
It is a celebration to all colors!

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Portfolio: Welcome

Honoring the wide range of skin colors. We all are representing our origin, ethnicity, heritage and story, so let's celebrate it!

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Portfolio: Welcome
mexican spanish class_edited.jpg

Restaurant ad

Taqueria La Mexicana

Taqueria La mexicana calls for a Mexican personality, which is  full of colors, fun and of course: spanish! I brought all those elements together for a great  result!

Portfolio: Welcome

Fashion ad

Brixton hats

Brixton’s approach begins with classic silhouettes reinterpreted to meet the needs of modern living, Brixton’s apparel and headwear is inspired by the past, built to live in the present. The style can be considered bohemian and elegant at the same time, in this ad I brought both together, with the classic golden hour on my side to take this picture, it all seemed to tell a story of style.

WEEK 5 FASHION_edited.jpg
Portfolio: Welcome
Cruella magazine 2.jpg

Editorial layout

Movie-ing Up Magazine

Editorial design has a big impact on how written information is understood, editorial design layouts are as important as the information displayed. here

Portfolio: Welcome
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Digital art that represents many skin and hair colours, a celebration to all woman!

Get yours to celebrate your  gorgeous colours...or for the women you admire!

Portfolio: Image


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Portfolio: Image
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